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The Touch of Nature Healing Studio in New Castle, Pennsylvania serves clients from Shenengo Valley and Beaver Valley as well as people worldwide through Distance Healing.


Welcome to the Touch of Nature Studio

The Touch of Nature studio is located in New Castle, Pennsylvania - convenient for residents of Lawrence County, the Shenango Valley, Beaver Valley, and surrounding areas. Our healing treatment room consists of elements of nature to provide a balanced space for relaxation. Aromatherapy and sound therapy are blended into healing session if desired. If you are sensitive to smells, please communicate with your therapist as Doterra Essential Oils may be utilized for aromatherapy. Distance healing sessions and sessions at your home are also available. Contact us for more information. 

You can also visit us at To Life! Therapy & Wellness in Pittsburgh. 

Items from nature adorn the Touch of Nature studio in New Castle, PA, where clients receive Reiki, Myofascial Release, CranioSacral Therapy and Scar Tissue Release therapy.

What to Expect from Your Session

During your first treatment session, we will complete an initial postural alignment assessment. We will discuss your goals and desired outcomes. Your therapist may have recommendations and/or tools to educate you about self-myofascial release techniques. 


Each healing session can be tailored to achieve different levels of therapeutic needs. Some clients come in to relax, while others have more specific goals of decreased pain and improvement in overall functional mobility.


Please wear athletic clothing with shorts for males and a tank top and shorts for women if receiving MFR. During CST and Reiki, clothing may be worn. 

First-time client forms are located under the forms section of site. These will need to be completed prior to your first session. Payments are made directly by client. Touch of Nature Healing does not accept insurance.


Touch of Nature Healing provides healing therapy to residents of Pittsburgh, New Castle, Shenango Valley, and Beaver Valley, PA and surrounding areas. We also serve clients worldwide through distance Reiki and distance Healy Frequency therapy. 

Forms and Payment

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