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Breath in a Sacred Space

My favorite time at the beach is sunrise. Time and time again, I am drawn to the water's edge to welcome the new day. This year, I was inspired to create a symbol on the beach as a sacred meditation space. I have always been fascinated by the energy I feel that symbols hold, and lately the circular formation of a spiral has caught my attention. Throughout history, spirals have been found in cultures all over the world. Native Americans, for instance, regard circular symbols as representations of one's life journey – an association that resonates with me on a profound level.

My Sacred Space

In the center of my meditation spiral, I placed a Reiki symbol to charge the energy of my sacred space. I sat with intention in the center while praying for those who I was inspired by and also praying for myself. I held the world in this sacred space while praying for continued healing and for the highest good for all. I believe this is an important reason why I am here – to hold space for the collective.

Once I finished my morning meditation on the beach, I sat on the deck above. It was interesting to observe the way others responded to my symbol on the beach as they walked past. Some walked right over it while not seeming to notice, while others walked around it. My intention was to bless those who walked past it as I felt this area of the beach was a charged vortex of energy!

Connecting with Breath

As I was sitting there, my sister-in-law brought me a deck of cards called YouMe Cards. At random, I picked a "connect" card for breath. What a powerful card - reminding me that the only thing I needed to do at that moment was to connect with my breath! These cards really are a great resource to help create positive intentional moments.

While I was meditating on my breath I was reminded of my first myofascial release treatment session years ago. I was experiencing lower back pain and just had a miscarriage. I was on the table and through my therapist's therapeutic presence, my body felt comfortable enough to relax and feel my presence with my breath. This was the first time I realized just how tight my body was being held into a pattern that restricted my capacity to breathe.

As my body relaxed I could feel a sense of energetic waves and I started to tremble. It felt as if my body was thawing and my connective tissue was reawakening. Following this initial myofascial release session, I felt the most significant shift into stillness that I had experienced up to this point in my healing journey.

Focusing on the breath is something that I continue to revisit, and each time I do holds significance. There are moments when it feels as if it were my very first breath. Coming back to breath helps center me within my body and enables me to hold space for myself and others.

Are You Ready to Experience Breathwork for Yourself?

An important part of my practice is guiding my clients on their own journeys with breath. In my years working with clients with various healing modalities, I have witnessed many “full circle moments” when my clients have experienced the same awakening that I first felt on the myofascial release table years ago. That’s why I feel it is important to lead solo sessions and group sessions to help others gain the benefits of connecting to their own breath.

Would you like to experience the profound shifts that can come with breathwork? I am now offering myofascial-based stretch and release classes that are focused on connecting to breath and coming back within the body. Participants use their breath to feel where softening is needed in their bodies. I hold two classes each month at Infinity Flow (dates can be found on my events page) and I am also offering private group sessions for retreats or within the workplace. I welcome you to come connect to your breath in a sacred space with me!


Briana Pontius



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