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13 Holy Nights -- Join Me in Purposeful Reflection

Last year I was introduced to the 13 Holy Nights. I was intrigued by the format of this intentional time of going within, setting aside time for reflection with journaling, being mindful of my dream state, and observing the environment around me. Journaling is one of the tools I have used throughout my journey. I continue to revisit this and I feel it to be an important part of my self-reflection.

The 13 Holy Nights start on the winter solstice, the darkest day of the year. During December 21-23rd we spend time gathering supplies for our 13 Holy Nights journey. The actual practice begins on December 24th and ends on January 5th. I have enjoyed looking back throughout the year on my journaling entries and I have found synchronicities from the 13 Holy Nights with what transpired throughout my year. If this resonates with you, learn more about it and come join me and others as we hold space for ourselves.    

There is a specific 13 Holy Nights oracle deck to use during this practice. I have known others to use their own specific oracle deck. If you don't want to use an oracle deck you can just do the journaling part of this practice.  If this resonates with you it can add another tool for your mindfulness practice.





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