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Barefoot and Balanced: Discover the Benefits of Grounding

Watching my daughter, Emma, running around outside barefoot has reminded me of the simple ways we can connect with nature to ground our energy. My husband, daughter and I have been making an effort to all sit together outside with our bare feet in the grass while we listen to the birds sing and feel the sun shining in the midst of the morning sun rays. Heaven on earth! 

My Grounding Technique

Grounding (or "earthing") is an important way for me to energetically begin my day. Early in the morning, I sit in a chair facing east with my feet in the grass and the sun beaming on my belly (to aid digestion). After about five minutes, my feet begin to tingle. It is a sensation I describe as the Earth recharging my battery. This feeling is consistent with research that suggests that grounding can replace positively charged ions with negatively charged ions, improving health and reducing inflammation. 

The Earth’s Heartbeat

Did you know that the Earth’s ground is electronically active and dynamic? This energetic phenomenon includes something called the “Schumann resonances.” 

The Schumann resonances are a set of extremely low-frequency electromagnetic waves in the cavity between the Earth's surface and the ionosphere. These resonances are often referred to as the Earth's "heartbeat" and are believed to impact human health and well-being. The Schumann resonances are not uniform and vary from moment to moment in a rhythm that affects the motion of the electrons in the Earth’s surface. Science has shown the benefits of this frequency to improve wound healing, boost the immune system, enhance intelligence, promote relaxation, and improve sleep. 

Grounding: A “How To Guide”

A common question I get from my clients is “How do I ground myself?” Though there are many ways to ground oneself, my reply is always quite simple, “Put your bare feet on the Earth.” This grounding technique is free, easy to implement, and improves connection with nature. I know that when I find that my energy is “off” and I reach out to my mentor, her advice is always to get my bare feet in the grass! 

Tips for Grounding/Earthing

  • I recommend grounding during daylight hours to reap the benefits of sunshine. My preference is early morning, though any time of day can be beneficial.

  • Even busy people can find time to ground! I do this sometimes between client sessions or at the end of a long treatment day. 

  • My preference is to face east, toward the rising sun.

  • Take off your shoes! This allows for direct physical contact between your bare feet and the Earth's surface, facilitating the transfer of electrons (plus, it feels good!).

  • Observe your body.

  • Ground with family, friends, or go solo. 

  • I recommend natural bug spray for optimal comfort

  • Location matters! Unfortunately there are places where dirty electrical currents run through the ground and can have a negative effect on your energy. Avoid places near cell phone towers and electrical wires.*

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Dirty Electricity:

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