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Exploring Nature with a New Lens

On a recent drive to a meeting with my spiritual running buddy, I saw two hawks perched on a wire. I was so ecstatic that I turned the car around! Both hawks paused with me to capture a picture. Shortly after, I found myself sitting in a cafe listening to my friend describe the “new” world she has discovered since receiving a gift of binoculars. I can relate to her enthusiasm, as I too have felt a shift since looking through my binocular lens.

Birdwatching: Nature’s Therapy

Do you find yourself having a hard time relaxing or feel as if you want a more natural way to practice focusing? Well, I have a simple and relaxing suggestion: birdwatching! A free and accessible way to find some nature therapy.

Birds are found everywhere in the world no matter where you travel or go. Yet in the hustle-bustle of daily life, we often overlook these beautiful creatures or consider them a nuisance when they create nests in inconvenient places or leave droppings on our cars.

My Personal Connection to Birds

Birds have always caught my eye. I have been fascinated with birds since a young age when I spent countless hours playing outside in nature or in my family’s barn next door. No matter where I played outside, no matter how many miles I hiked into the woods, I never felt alone because my bird friends were always with me. In a sense, I have been studying birds since I was a child.

Sharing my love of birds with my daughter.

To this day, I get chills when I find a bird feather along my path. I feel each encounter is purposeful with messages from Spirit present. This is similar to how people connect to cardinals – viewing them as loved ones that passed into spirit form bringing messages.

I feel like I can relate to the birds as I am a free spirit. I feel the mystery of the life force while listening to the beautiful song I hear in the morning from the songbirds or the sound of stillness I can hear from a bird taking off in flight.

Meditation and Birding

I spend time meditating with the birds at sunrise and sunset. Whether at first flight at sunrise or holding space to pause just as the sun sets. In my yard, the birds come to the trees to meditate right as the sun goes down. They go from chatter to sitting in silence. They break the silence by taking off in flight. Talk about a great way to meditate!

One of the ways I fill my joy cup is with birding. I find so much enjoyment in capturing photos of birds in their natural habitat. I also enjoy connecting to the birds and being in a community of other birders!

If you are intrigued, I encourage you to pause and notice the birds around you. Set an intention of meditating with the birds at sunrise or sunset. And, if you have a pair of binoculars, pick them up and look at nature through a new lens. If you are like me, relating to birds will quickly become a wonderful new way of life.

P.S. As I am writing this in Lagerhaus Bakery, in Harmony, Pa, I look over and see a sign saying, "Every Bird Needs a Home." Talk about Spirit affirming this blog entry!

Helpful Birding Resources

Areas to bird:

Pennsylvania Birding Locations:

Moraine State Park (one of my favorites)

Ohio Birding Locations:

Florida Birding Locations:

My Favorite Local Bird Store:

The Birdwatchers Store, Slippery Rock, PA

My Go-To Birding App:

My Favorite Birds (so far):

Green Heron

Tri-Colored Heron

Great Blue Heron

Sandhill Crane

Roseate Spoonbill


All the Warblers

Painted Bunting

Scarlet Tanager

Baltimore Oriole

Red Shouldered Hawk

Purple Gallinule

Fascinating Fact:

Did you know that birds evolved from dinosaurs?! Hard to wrap your mind around, right? Well here is an article that discusses that subject more!



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