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7 Ways to Tap Into Your Inner Wisdom

We all know the phrases, “Listen to your gut,” and “Trust your intuition.” But what do they really mean? Early in my practice, I was unsure of my inner voice, and didn’t know how “understanding my gut” would feel. It’s taken years of personal work and practice with professionals for me to learn to understand (and, most importantly, trust) my inner wisdom.

Are you interested in tapping into your own inner wisdom? Here are 7 techniques that I have found helpful:  

1. Find quiet. Get away from overstimulating noise and unplug from electronic devices! Placing devices on airplane mode or shutting them off is a must. Find a grounding location where your nervous system feels secure. 

2. Push pause. Schedule breaks within your schedule for “me time!” Taking mindfulness breaks periodically throughout the day helps you become aware of your environment and check in with yourself - even if just for 5 minutes. Again, no scrolling, and step away from all devices.

Mindfulness is maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment, through a gentle, nurturing lens. Taking away as many distractions in your environment will create supportive energy for nurturing the connection between you and your inner self.

3. Invite your inner wisdom to show up. As strange as it may sound, talking to your body is an important way to connect to your energy and help deepen your experience. I continually find myself dialoguing with myself.

Example: Suppose you are experiencing knee pain. Connect to your pain and be curious about what it needs. Perhaps place your hand on your knee and see what it feels like. Be present with your knee. Ask it, "What do you need?"  Maybe it needs comfort.  Maybe it needs ice.  Maybe it needs rest. 

4. Ask your body to make it clear how it communicates with you. Whether through symbols, visions, or gut feelings, be open to how you receive your body's messages. It is different for each of us. 

5. Connect with nature. Hike, garden, watch birds, hug a tree, sit on the ground – the possibilities are endless! Nature helps ground our mind, body, soul, and spirit. 

6. Journal. Writing is a simple and effective way to tap into your inner wisdom. Ask questions when you write, and allow yourself to respond. Answering and reading what you have written helps to organize your thoughts, release energy, and begin to understand what your inner voice has to say. 

7. Find a professional to help. Having someone you trust can be supportive in helping you tune into your inner wisdom. Scroll down for some personal recommendations! 

As you work toward tapping into your inner wisdom, continually check in with yourself. Our minds are a collection of conditioned memories. A thought process can shift over time as you go through new experiences so it’s important to match your energy to support the new experiences with new ways of viewing them. Becoming an observer of your environment and your reaction to it will go a long way in helping you sense your inner voice. 

I hope these strategies support you as you fine-tune your connection to your intuition – your inner sacred space. 


Briana Pontius

Inner Wisdom Resources



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