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Star Gazing: How Astrology and the Night Sky Impact Me

The moon and stars shining over my farm.

This year, I ventured into creative writing, addressing topics that have been instrumental in my personal journey and resonate with me. Writing, for me, is a means of communication and a way to share more about myself and my interests. I've planned each newsletter and blog post to land in your mailbox around each new moon throughout 2023.

I believe it's important to communicate that the current new moon in Scorpio brings with it intense energies of transformation, death/rebirth, and energy transmission. While I don't consider myself an astrologer, astrology is a tool I use to navigate my day-to-day life.

My fascination with astrology stems from my early days of stargazing, captivated by the beauty of the night sky. The moon, stars, and planets bring such fascination to me. Spending countless hours under the night sky, I observed how everything seemed intensified during a full moon, and the environment around me shifted.

My interest in constellations began in 5th-grade science class when we crafted designs of constellations with black camera film rolls. I was so amazed that these designs have been named, studied, and in our science books. It wasn't until 8th grade that I discovered the zodiac signs, and I felt an immediate connection to this "new" information. I eagerly checked my horoscope in newspapers and online, discovering that I am a Taurus rising sun, with traits such as passion, loyalty, stubbornness, and, amusingly, procrastination.

May 15–16, 2022 Total Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon) over my backyard.

Astrology has proven to be a valuable tool for me as I navigate the ebbs and flows of energy. It serves as a roadmap, providing clarity on both the world around me and within myself.

A turning point came when a friend shared their experience with an astrologer's birth chart reading. Inspired, I asked the universe for a similar opportunity. Spirit answered my request and an astrologer, Amy Grubesky, came to me through a trusted circle of connections. Amy’s kind and compassionate nature, along with her passion for helping others gain clarity and connection with themselves, made the experience enlightening. My birth chart reading with Amy provided clarity into why I am the way I am. I felt understood and that I am not necessarily crazy with feeling how I feel.

For those interested in Amy’s services, you can explore more on her website.

Other astrologers I follow include:

WaxingGibbousmoonover my backyard. Jan 30th 2023

One of the things I love most is looking up into the sunset as the day ends and the birds take flight. The night sky appears and La Luna shines. The beautiful masterpiece of the night sky emerges bringing the mysterious light to which I feel so connected.



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